Company Information


The Business Research Company can also customize reports on competitive intelligence, prospect profiling and due diligence, based on the client’s criteria. Our reports include:

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Company Information

The company profile section of the report contains elements such as key facts, history, corporate structure, key people, partners, clients, products and services, intellectual property, patents and patents pending, assets, capital equipment and value chain assessment (suppliers, operations, shared services, sales and marketing, and distribution).

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Financial Analysis

We also cover debts and liabilities, asset and capital equipment valuation, mergers and acquisitions (active & potential), spend on marketing, operations, R&D and cost of goods sold, income/ profit by product division and ratio analysis of financials.

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Strategic Analysis

We use methods such as competitor benchmarking, gap analysis, market attractiveness and market share comparisons, SWOT, balanced scorecard, and resource- based analysis.

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