Find Customers


It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.
- Henry Ford

Finding new customers is not only painstakingly hard but also takes up a lot of your time and resources. The Business Research Company is expert in helping you to find new customers whether corporate or consumer, through better segmentation and understanding of your potential customer group.

We help you with both customer acquisition and development -

Customer Acquisition -

The cost of acquiring new customers has increased over the years due to a rise in competition. We help you identify and acquire new customers at a lower cost by empowering you with actionable customer research and information

  • Identification and segmentation - We help you segment your potential target audience in a manner that helps you in better customer targeting.
  • Needs analysis - Want to understand what your customer really needs? We help you understand your customers- needs that helps you.
  • Prospect Databases Building
  • Consumer surveys (CATI, email, face to face)
  • Focus group discussions
  • Customer data gathering
  • Prospect profiling
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setup
  • Customer Follow-ups
  • Pre-Sales Calls

Customer Development -

Develop and deepen existing client relationships through closer monitoring, social listening and satisfaction surveys.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer monitoring
  • Social listening
  • Longitudinal customer studies

Example Projects Include:

Contacts And Emails:

A client approached us to check their in-house directory of client contact details, including email addresses for over 10,000 individuals. We were able to check and update their database to a high level of accuracy, making it a much more effective tool for their sales team.

Prospect Research:

A client provided corporate telecom services. It wanted to maximize the impact of the its sales team’s meetings by giving them better information on potential corporate customers, their needs, existing relationships and contracts. A two-person team was set up by TBRC to support the client’s sales team by providing ‘Prospect Profiles’ of potential corporate customers in the Telecoms market globally. The profiles included information for each company such as key technology initiatives, existing vendors and contracts. The client’s sales team reported reduced research time and being better prepared for meetings.