Research Techniques

Advise Your Clients Using Global Market Model

The Global Market Model provides you with information that helps you develop global and country level strategies for your clients businesses effectively. Understand market growth and competition to better advise your client against market risks and expansion.

Starting Point Research Using Global Market Model

Use the Global Market Model as the starting point for all your research studies to understand the industries and market segments your client operates in before conducting additional research.

Research Techniques
Research Techniques

Create Marketing Material With Global Market Model

Our comprehensive coverage helps you cover a wide range of industries in-depth. Use the Global Market Model to source data across the globe and demonstrate thought leadership through innovative comparison and analysis through our datasets.

Enrich Your Internal Knowledge Repository

The Global Market Model will help you add deep and consistent coverage across industries, geographies and market segments to your internal knowledge repository that can be used your offices worldwide.

Research Techniques
Research Techniques

Associate And Intern Training

The Global Market Model helps you train associates and interns on the global market before they start working on client projects.

Benefits :

Industry Accepted Taxonomy
    Globally accepted taxonomy and industry segmentations.

Don’t Restrict Yourself To Buying Pieces Of Information
   Provides you access to all the full length reports in one place instead of having to purchase pages and     tables through profound. Get access to our full taxonomy through the Global Market Model.

Get More In The Same Price
    Request datasets across markets, geographies and industries and receive them in 72 hours.

Get Everything In One Place
    Have all the information and sourcing in one place instead of having to make sense of information picked     up from multiple sources that do not make sense together.

We Are Always Available
   24 hours customer and analyst support who will be available to answer all your questions on the data     during your subscription.

There Is New Information Being Uploaded All The Time
    Database is consistently updated with new information.