How To Do Business Research In The
Post-COVID Landscape

With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed how unpredictable businesses can be. The significance of previously developed market projection models is rendered meaningless in such situations. However, such uncertainties bring with them the possibility of rethinking and re-imagining a company's growth trajectory, supported by thorough market research.

The Business Research Company's Managing Director, Oliver Guirdham, guides you on how to do your market research in a post-pandemic landscape through this video playlist. The series of videos in this playlist explain how to utilize the key sources for market sizing and forecasts. They emphasize the importance of interviews and one-on-one conversations for a deeper industry understanding.

The videos also cover how conducting thorough competitive intelligence by studying company data using market databases and analysing employee data can help your business gain insights on the competitors in your industry.

We highly recommend you view our video playlist to see how The Business Research Company can help you with an in-depth understanding of the multiple methods your business can undertake for the most effective post-pandemic market research.

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