Shark Cordless Vacuum 12 Volt

It’s not everyday that home makers or working people take the time to do a thorough cleaning of every corner in their houses. Large powerful vacuum cleaners are not convenient for quick pick ups around the house. In such cases, handheld vacuum cleaners, with a easy to hold handle and light in weight come into the picture. They are easy to carry around and stored away, they have enough power to pick up dust, dirt, crumbs, sand, etc.


Rechargeable Battery

The shark cordless vacuum cleaners come with a rechargeable battery. With a charging base, it can be stationed above it in an upright position to charge itself. There is an LED light which is handy to know the stage of charge on the batteries. The highly efficient batteries keep the vacuum cleaner running a long time without fading in power. The batteries are able to power the suctioning without a break.

Cyclonic Suction

A good vacuum cleaner needs to be designed with the latest technological advances. Twister cyclonic action in vacuum cleaners has been the rage as it is highly useful to keep the vacuum cleaner unclogged during use. Without the cyclonic suction, the vacuum can get overwhelmed with the constant suctioning of dust and other particles. This type of interference in cleaning can be avoided through the cyclonic technology, which pushes the dust and debris away from the nozzle, for a continuous vacuuming.

Portable in Size and Weight

The shark vacuum cleaner, stands up to its reputation as a portable vacuum cleaner by weighing a little over 3 pounds. 3 pounds is a breeze to carry around while cleaning and vacuuming the house or cars. It can also be easily transported without adding any bulk as it has no cords or plugs. It can charged once and used outdoors for a long time. It is small in size too and can be stored in the vehicle for those who buy it exclusively to vacuum their car.

Bagless Dust Cup

It is highly recommended to buy cordless vacuum cleaners without the fuss of replaceable bags and dust cups. It is always easy to manage without the bags. The dust cup conveniently collects all the dust and particles, and with a single click, the user is able to empty it into a trash bin or bag and reuse it immediately. There is no need also to invest in expensive replacement bags.

Reusable and Washable Filters

The filter in the shark handheld vacuum cleaners, are both detachable as well as washable. This means that they need to switched out less often. The filter can be easily pushed out and cleaned under a tap in the sink and fit back in without any fuss.


  1. It has a single click detachable dust cup, which when open empties dust.
  2. It has a mounting stand, on which it can be charged as well as stored away.
  3. Long lasting battery capacity
  4. Easy to clean and replace filters.
  5. Affordable in price and light in weight for increased portability.


The little brush that comes as an attachment with the vacuum cleaner is reportedly not useful to pick up large particles. Once attached, the suctioning capability of the vacuum cleaner does not work as efficiently. Without the brush attachment, the vacuum cleaner works just as good as new. With increasing consumer complaints, the company should be able to remedy this minor flaw quickly.


Having easy access to handheld vacuum cleaners with a powerful motor such as the shark cordless vacuum cleaner, helps to save one from leaving the house dirty due to busy schedules. Pulling out the vacuum cleaner and quickly suctioning any kind of spills or dust is easier than trying to do the same job with the generic vacuum cleaners. It is advisable to those who own homes and cars to invest in such convenient vacuum cleaners to make cleaning that much more simple.

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Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) Review

Cordless convenience meets performance. The Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) promises to deliver every user the satisfaction that they are looking for. The manufacturer claims that the Shark Navigator Freestyle comes with extended run times to clean more rooms in a single charge, strong suction power to remove stubborn ground dirt, and excellent cleaning on both carpet and bare floor. Will this product live up with what is expected from it? Know the answer in this Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) review.


2 Speed Power Settings

The most pioneering highlight of the Shark Navigator Freestyle is its 2 Speed Power Settings created to optimize your cleaning competence in both carpet and bare floor. The unit is designed to handle different floor types with different approach suitable for a particular surface. This means that the vacuum doesn’t treat your carpet the way it treats your bare floor.

The principle is simple – carpets have a different texture, component, and build, compared to bare floors that are also different on their own. Also, a motor brush may be helpful in cleaning carpets but it could become a curse when applied on bare floors. This only means that they can’t be cleaned in exactly the same way.

Thanks to the 2 Speed Power Settings, the Shark Navigator Freestyle comes with a powerful motorized brush that easily removes ground-in dirt and embedded pet hair from carpet floors. It also takes care of your bare floor by augmenting your vacuum to make it able to govern such surface.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

Swivel Steering

Swivel Steering can be described in a simple line – easily steer with the unit. In older model vacuums, they are often designed to travel in a straight path because the maneuverability often points in a straight line. And whenever the user wants to go left or right, the unit still has to travel a significant curve just to turn a mere 90 degrees. Furthermore, there would a great gap on the floor whenever the user wants to make a U-turn.

With the swivel steering design of the Shark Navigator Freestyle, the dilemmas that you would have faced should you use a conventional vacuum become non-existing.

Say good bye to difficult maneuvers and hard U-turns. Thanks to this feature designed with pivot-like transporting, you can turn the vacuum with just a little twist of your hand. Furthermore, making U-turns can also be done considerably easier.

With the swivel steering, cleaning has become cooler be it around or under your furniture, carpets, floor, or any other surface for that matter.

Precision charger

The Shark Navigator Freestyle is also proud of their precision charger that does a really great job in charging the unit. The charger can feed-up the battery to 100% in just four (4) hours. Other cordless vacuum chargers have a hard time charging their units or require long hours to fully charge them, but not with this model.


  • You can steer around very easily. Maneuverability is brought by the Swivel steering.
  • You can take advantage of the cordless feature because you can transport the machine wherever you like or wherever it is needed.
  • No bags needed! This means huge savings in the long run.
  • Dust cup is easy to empty and wash. The best part is its extra-large capacity. This means that regular cleaning is not required because it takes time to full the cup.
  • You’ll love the 2-speed settings intended for bare floor and carpet cleaning.
  • The unit can full charge in just 4 hours.
  • Excellent customer service as many users would agree.
  • Middle-range price for a cordless vacuum – not too cheap and not too expensive either.


Misleading packaging

Some reviews claim of the mismatched packaging label. For instance, one user claims that the unit he got is equipped with only 10 volts, contradicting to the package that states 14 volts.

Broken accessories

Another user claimed that the internal small hose broke in less than a year of usage. Good thing that Shark replaced the whole unit itself with another one but another model. However, the small plastic hose inside broke after only three months of use. If this is true, the hundred dollar investment becomes a waste.

Other than that, no bigger complaints are found in the users’ feedbacks. Additionally, this two cons becomes small when compared to the tons of positive feedbacks that the model has received in Amazon.


As stated above, the Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) truly showcases a satisfactory performance in a mid-range price. In conclusion, this is truly a manifestation of performance meets cordless convenience.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away professional Upright (NV356E) Review

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) is a promising product that comes with a reasonable price. Equipped with the famous cyclonic technology, this vacuum has got what it takes to satisfy your cleaning needs. Knowmore about this product in thisShark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) review.

Quick Peek

  • Portable Canister With Extra Large Capacity
  • No Suction Loss Technology
  • Attachment For Hard Floor With 1 Microfiber Pad
  • HEPA fortified Anti-Allergen Seal Technology
  • Swivel Steering


No Suction Loss Technology

If there’s only one thing that Shark Navigator could be proud of, it’s their No Suction Loss Technology. The idea alone that this vacuum cleaner can release suction power in a consistent, continuous basis, without any loss at all, is truly a striking impact.

Firstly, you must know that not all vacuums have the ability to retain a powerful suction all throughout the cleaning operation.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away professional Upright (NV356E)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away professional Upright (NV356E)

Shark Navigator has created this innovation based on the fundamental knowledge that dirt can usually clog up the vacuum’s filter, eventually restricting airflow and decreasing the suction power of the unit.

Shark Navigator features an advanced cyclonic technology that does a real incredible process. It can sort the air and fine dirt, separating the two elements together. As a result, the dirt are prohibited from clogging the filters. This further leads to prevention of suction loss, thus suction power is always strong all the time.

From your first use to the last area, you can be confident that your cleaning prowess remains robust without any loss.

 Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

The Shark’s Sealed Vacuum technology is another innovation that is non-existing in other brands. Up to 99.9 percent of allergens and dust is captured by the vacuum and is kept inside your vacuum locking them away from your surface forever.

HEPA filtration technology further reinforces the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. HEPA makes this vacuum ultimately friendly to all people suffering from allergy. Since fine dirt and allergens are removed, you can now have a cleaner air making your home a much more conducive space for living.


Excellent Carpet Cleaning

No carpet is thick enough with the Shark Navigator NV356E. This model boasts superior deep carpet cleaning that will really take your carpet back to its pristine condition. Suction power is strong enough to pick all the dirt, including pet mess in your carpet along with the embedded dirt elements that conventional vacuum cleaners can’t remove.

Swivel Steering.

Transportability really counts. It would be wise to choose a vacuum cleaner that is agile enough to accommodate steering in different dimensions. If you want to steer with ease, then this model has got what it takes.

With the swivel steering, you can steer around obstacles in your home with utmost ease. Not to mention that this model is lightweight which adds to the convenience that the swivel steering initially brought.

It’s a no surprise why the manufacturer named this model as a “navigator”because you can truly navigate this product from surface to surface with ease.

Portable Lift Away Canister

A great edge of this Shark Navigator is its dust cup that features an extra-large capacity. This means that cleaning the dust cup doesn’t have to be in a regular basis as it can hold more dirt elements for a longer-than-usual time.

Dust-Away Attachment

Dust-away attachment makes cleaning more convenient. Patented and owned only by Shark, this attachment uses a dominant suction power for a single step dry floor cleaning that gets rid of all the debris you can see.

Reinvigorated with a microfiber pad, all tiny particles that are not visible to the naked eye are also removed leaving your floors with absolutely no dirt.

This makes the vacuum cleaner ideal for quick clean-ups on upholstery, stairs, and other areas. Furthermore, this attachment allows you to reach hard to reach nooks and crannies around your home. Moreover, dust-away attachment tool also makes this vacuum suitable for your car upholstery.

Premium Pet Tools

Have pets in your home? They are truly adorable but undeniably, their mess are a great disturbance. Fortunately, the superior pet attachment of the Shark Navigator NV356E allows you to eradicate ground-in dirt including all pet dirt like their hair and other known debris. Be it on your upholstery, stairs, or carpet, no hair can escape from the powerful suction of this Shark Navigator.


Some users would agree with this list of cons for this Shark Navigator

  • The unit tends to tip over easily. One slight pull or push could make it fall over.
  • There’s a shortage in length for the hose leading to the wand.
  • One of the two crevice tools can’t be attached to the unit.
  • Turbo brush has no on-board storage.


Considering the price, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) is a great vacuum to invest with. It is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and truly performs well. Featured with cyclonic technology, this reasonably priced vacuum is the best alternative to expensive cyclonic vacuums in the market.

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