ArmorAll AA255

Vacuum cleaners, since the day they have been introduced in the market, have been a huge hit for homemakers around the globe. With the invention of smaller, more compact vacuum cleaners, that give performance on par with the traditional ones, there is a surge in sales and increase in vacuum cleaner users.  The ArmorAll AA255 is one such cleaner available on amazon with 100% satisfaction rates.


Powerful Motor

The armorall vacuum cleaner comes fitted with a very strong motor with 2 horse power strength. This assists the user in a continuous cleaning without exhausting or heating up the motor while in use. The motor is also useful in the vacuum cleaners special feature where it picks up and cleans both dry particles and wet substances form type of surface. Even with the powerful motor, the vacuum cleaner is light and compact enough to be carried around in the house or out to the garage to clean cars.

Wet and Dry Cleaning

The tank capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 2.5 gallons, enabling it hold up through an entire cleaning process. As it is equipped for both wet and dry cleaning, the large tank assists in this process. The holding space with the dust bag need not be replaced, it can simply be cleaned out and emptied into the garbage when necessary or full. The wet liquids have a special filter, so that it does not overflow or leak while in use, avoiding a mess.

Long Hose and Cord

The vacuum comes with a 10 foot long cord and an equally long 6 foot hose to use for cleaning under unreachable or narrow spaces. Most vacuum cleaners that are portable come with very short cords and hose pipes, in order to make them less bulky and weigh less. The armorall does not compromise on this very important feature. Having a long power cord eases the work of cleaning, as the user need not keep shifting the cord when moving from area to area. The long hose at the same time increases the length of the machine, ensuring that it reaches under narrow areas, corners and in between tight fitted slots.

Pros and Cons


  • A vacuum that can suck up both solid material as well as liquids from any surface is a pretty good deal, as the customer does not need to invest in more than one vacuum cleaner for different purposes.
  • The compact design is easy to store, easy to use and easy to carry around. It only weight 9.1 pounds.
  • It is powerful enough to suck up the tiniest of dust particles, making it ideal for those with workshops os any kind.
  • The powerful motor will keep this vacuum cleaner running for a long time, lasting years. With replacement dust bags, one need not worry about investing in a new vacuum cleaner for many years.


Taking user reviews into consideration, there were a few users who complained about leaks and the hose falling out. However, they were able to remedy this easily by ensuring that the hose fit snugly. Some also added tape to the inside rim of the tank to ensure that there were no gaps and nothing escaped the holding bag. With minor issues that came up with certain pieces, which could be easily remedied, there is absolutely no issue in purchasing and using this vacuum cleaner.


ArmorAll has been manufacturing and selling various vacuum cleaners for many years successfully. The user ratings and reviews by genuine fans of this product show that it is a great vacuum cleaner which works wonders in cleaning up every nook and corner of the house and vehicle. A must buy for those looking for an affordable and quality vacuum cleaner.

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