Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners such as the dirt devil scorpion are an easy way to do daily cleaning, without lugging around a traditional vacuum cleaner into every room. The red color and unique design, with a comfortable handle give it both an aesthetic appeal as well as convenience. Avid users have given this vacuum cleaner a 4.5 rating on amazon, a very good rate for a necessary item that is a must have in any living space. It is not only useful to clean up quickly when a mess is made, but also for deep cleaning the entire space.


Efficient Attachments

The Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum comes with some very useful attachments. They are all included in the kit and do not need to be purchased separately. Along with the long hose and a good dusting brush, there is a very efficient and necessary crevice tool, it  flips easily and snaps onto the front slot without a fuss. This tool can be used to extract dust from any type of corner or slot. It ensures a complete cleaning session, without leaving any spots uncleaned.

Long Power Cord

There is a 16 foot power cord, that can be attached to any power outlet easily. This makes cleaning around the house and car easy. The power cord can be plugged into each individual room when in use, it will supply a continuous flow of power to the motor, avoiding interruptions in cleaning.

7 Amp Sturdy Motor

A powerful motor in a device so small, makes it portable as well as extremely efficient. it can pick up any type of material off the ground easily, even larger particles which other motors are unable to suction. It will provide a complete clean up, which eliminates extra sweeping.

Pros and Cons


  • The dirt devil vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor, the power is supplied by the power cord, through a power outlet, this enables continuous vacuum which sucks up dust and dirt without any interruption.
  • There is a very convenient crevice tool that is included in the whole kit. This tool is able to reach places a normal nozzle doesn’t, making it convenient to clean between small spaces, corners and inside sofa’s.
  • As there are no dust bags, there is no fuss about repurchasing them, replacing or changing them often. The cup is convenient and can be cleaned out and emptied after it fills up.


Some users have complained that with longer periods of use there might be a burning smell, probably from heating up while there is over use of the motor. This varies from user to user and does not pose as a serious issue as there is always intervals between uses, and the machine cools down quickly.

The vacuum cleaner does not come with a retractable power cord, this might be an issue when the cord needs to be folded and stored away. There are many do it yourself remedies that can tackle this problem, two such ones are using a velcro fastening or a simple bread clip that we can find lying around in the house.


This Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner is so inexpensive, it is under 40 dollars. It is a dust buster beast for a very affordable price. There is no compromise on the quality of the product or the way it functions. It has all the features one is looking for in the best hand held vacuum cleaner. The above highlights and merits clearly outline why a customer should invest in this product. This will also make a great gift to students living in dorm rooms, newly weds or as a house warming present.

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