How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner?


Vacuum cleaner is just another machine in our home, but just like any other machine it also requires proper maintenance to avoid any kind of problem. If you do not clean your vacuum cleaner regularly or after few uses, then your machine is at the risk of getting damaged.

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Problems And Their Solutions

If you think that your vacuum cleaner is not working as efficiently as it used to do earlier than you need to look at it. It’s important to understand what’s wrong with your vacuum cleaner to fix it. Here we are listing down solution of some problems that you might be experiencing with your vacuum cleaner.

In case where vacuum cleaner won’t pick up the dirt and has no suction:

  •  Air Filter – No picking up of dust is a sign of no suction which means that your air filter is clogged. To fix it, remove the filter and clean it or replace it.


  • Exhaust Filter – If the exhaust filter is throwing out dirt with the air or not exhaling any air and you find the dust particles on the floor as it is even after moving vacuum cleaner on it then there might be a problem in exhaust filter. This happens because the exhaust filter is clogged with dust and other particles. Remove the exhaust filter and clean it properly. If it is torn or damaged, replace it.


  • Vacuum Hose – If your vacuum cleaner is clean and is working properly, but the vacuum hose is not taking the dust inside then it might be clogged. Switch off and unplug the vacuum cleaner and stretch it out and look into the hose with a torch. If you cannot see the light passing till the other end, use something such as broomstick and use it to clean the hose.


  • Vacuum Bag – Vacuum bag needs to be replaced or emptied regularly. If you haven’t done that in a while, then check it. This can be the reason of low performance of your vacuum cleaner. The line on the vacuum bag indicates the maximum level of dust it can hold. On touching the bag, if you can feel the dust near the line, then replace or empty it. Keep a check on the bag regularly to know after how many uses the bag needs to be replaced.

In case where vacuum cleaner motor does not run:

  • Drive Motor – On switching on the vacuum cleaner, if you don’t feel the motor running or you find it is not working properly then it needs to be checked. Check if the motor is getting the electricity power. Make sure that nothing is obstructing it. If everything is right and still it won’t run, then it need to be replaced.


  • On-Off Switch – If the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work even after turning the switch on then the switch might be defective. To check whether there is problem with the switch, use an Ohm meter or continuity checker.

In case where vacuum cleaner brush does not spin:

  • Belt – The brush in vacuum cleaner spins with the help of belt. If the belt is broken or stretched out than it needs to be replaced for proper functioning of the brush.


  • Brush Roll – It is possible that the brush roll is clogged with debris, thread and hair because of which the brush is not able to spin. Check the brush roll and clean it properly. Clean the bearings from both the ends. If cleaning the brush roll doesn’t solve the problem, then it needs to be replaced.


Understand your machine and its each and every part to resolve the problem on your own. It is better to solve the problem in the beginning rather than realizing it after that single problem damages your complete machine.



How to Clean Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?


A bagless vacuum cleaner is a convenient and easy to use machine. It is smaller and lighter in size and weight, respectively as compared to bagged vacuum cleaner. In place of bag, bagless vacuum cleaner uses filters to separate dust and other particles from the air. To avoid any kind of damage you must clean your bagless vacuum cleaner regularly.

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Guide To Clean Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the bagless vacuum cleaner is as simple as using it and as important as cleaning your house. Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to unplug the vacuum cleaner.

Clean The Cup Or Container – Bagless vacuum cleaner uses cup or container which holds the dust. To start cleaning, take the vacuum cleaner outside of the house or in the bathroom. Do not remove the cup or container in the room or the place you have just finished cleaning.

Take help from the manual if you find it difficult to open the container. Do not pull to open the container. Opening the container with force can damage or break the container. Empty the cup or container in the dustbin. Make sure the dust doesn’t fall on the floor.

Wash The Container – Some vacuum cleaners have wet and dry function, which cleans even the wet floor. For such vacuum cleaner, dispose of the liquid that has been vacuumed from the floors. Wash the container with warm water after emptying it. You can also use mild soap to clean any stubborn dust left in the container.

Wash Or Replace The Filter – Look at the manual to know if the filter of your vacuum cleaner is washable or disposable. If your vacuum cleaner has disposable filter, then remove the dust from the filter and dispose it off and insert the new filter. Always keep an extra filter with you for your vacuum cleaner.

In case of reusable filter, remove it from the vacuum cleaner and clean the dust by tapping gently on the filter. Use a soft brush or an old toothbrush with soft bristle to remove the clogged dirt from the filter. Fix the filter back in the vacuum cleaner to reuse it.

Dry The Filter – After cleaning the filter make sure it is dry before placing it back in the vacuum cleaner. It can take up to few hours to dry it. You can even wipe the filter first with the soft dry cloth and then with the hair dryer to save time.

Replace The Filter – Remember the way in which you took the filter out of the vacuum cleaner. Make sure to replace the filter correctly. If you don’t remember it, then take help from manual. If you don’t replace these items properly then the dust can reach the motor and can cause damage to it and replacing motor is very costly. Always keep a regular check on the vacuum brush roll to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is working properly. Clean the brush roll if you find any hair, debris or thread entangled in it.


Taking good care of the filter will help your bagless vacuum cleaner to last longer. Cleaning filter regularly will help you vacuum cleaner to perform efficiently. Keep in mind about the safety guidelines while cleaning any part of the vacuum cleaner.



Guide To Buy a Vacuum Cleaner


Using a vacuum cleaner is convenient, but it is important to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your use. There are varieties of vacuum cleaner and deciding the right one which matches your requirement has become very difficult. It’s better to do give time to do research and understand the different types of vacuum cleaners instead of regretting your choice later.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for You to Choose from

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for You to Choose from

Guiding Points

You must have complete knowledge of the machine you are planning to buy. It is important to know certain things before going to the field. Therefore, to guide you, we are listing down the important information that you need to know before you spend your money on any vacuum cleaner.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Upright vacuum cleaners are best suitable for homes and offices. It can work on both, hard floors and carpets. It has closed bagged system and filtration function. Upright vacuum cleaner has different types of attachments which can clean even hard to reach places. It is the best type of vacuum cleaner for person with allergies. Height adjustment, suction control and length of the power cord are some features your must ask for.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Canister vacuum cleaner is ideal for the homes and offices which have light carpeting and bare floors. It is light in weight and therefore it becomes easy to handle. It is capable to clean the dust from the stairs, upholstery and under appliances and furniture too.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner – People who have small apartments, stick vacuum cleaner is right for them. It works perfectly on smooth flooring and low-pile carpets and removes all the dust and debris efficiently. Many stick vacuum cleaners are detachable which can even become handheld vacuum cleaner providing better cleaning and portability to its user. Stick vacuum cleaner are light in weight and are best for quick cleaning and spot cleaning.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – Bagged vacuum cleaners are very reliable in holding dust and other particles and therefore, they are best for person with allergies. It is capable to hold even the smallest dust particle. There are models of bagged vacuum cleaner which have replaceable bags. Replaceable bags solve the problem of emptying the bag regularly.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Bagless vacuum cleaners are much more convenient and cheaper than bagged vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners have filter in place of bags which performs the same function. The filter in the bagless vacuum cleaner requires regular cleaning. The size of bagless vacuum cleaner is smaller than bagged vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuum cleaners are not suitable for the person suffering from allergy.

Power Rating – Vacuum cleaners have the power ratings in amps and watts, but because vacuum cleaners are a kind of air pump machine, the right way to measure its power rating is CFM. CFM is Cubic Feet air per Minute. Always ask about CFM of the vacuum cleaner from the seller to know about its power rating.

Maintenance – It is better to buy the vacuum cleaner with low maintenance. Some vacuum cleaner require technician even for a small work such as changing the belt of brush roll. So, avoid such vacuum cleaners. In case you require to change any part of your vacuum cleaner, make sure in advance that they are easily available in market or not.


Enquiring about the machine is very important. Ask the seller every question that pops up in your mind. If you are planning to purchase online, read the reviews thoroughly and compare the models for better understanding. Look for the vacuum cleaner which comes with decent warranty and choose only from the trusted brands.



The Need For A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless vacuum cleaners are the most compact models of vacuum cleaners available. They are light in weight and portable to carry around easily. They come in two varieties, handheld and upright stick models. Both are useful for small jobs around the house and to clean vehicle interiors. Depending on the kind of attachments that they come equipped with, the nozzles and brushes can be changed to suit the type of surface being vacuumed.

There are merits and demerits for any type of vacuum cleaning model, this entirely depends on the kind of usage it is going to get. Some pointers mentioned below help to consider for what purposes a cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable or not.The Need For A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Features To Consider

  1. Weight

Handheld cordless vacuum cleaners should be comfortable to hold and use, without putting any pressure on the hands or shoulders. Anything heavy will make cleaning cumbersome and less welcome the next time over. An ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner, will have a good grip handle, be light in weight and easy to use. When looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner, the weight needs to always be considered, anything heavy is unnecessary.

  1. Battery Capacity

Cordless vacuum cleaners of any model need a very good battery capacity. Without which, the device will be useless. The reason cordless vacuum cleaners are bought is to avoid long cords and tangles. But if the battery runs less than 10 minutes, and has to be charged often, one would prefer the corded models. However lithium ion batteries in the new cordless vacuum cleaners last longer, come with chargeable battery stations and provide seamless vacuuming.

  1. Motor Power

Most light weight vacuum cleaners tend to compromise on the power of the motor. A strong motor is usually heavy and takes up much more space in the traditional models. With advancements in design, motors are being made smaller, less heavier, to make a cordless vacuum cleaner weigh much less than older models. Companies are also able to increase motor power to allow for better suctioning and subsequent cleaning.

  1. Attachments

Because hand held cordless vacuum cleaners are so compact, sometimes there is a need for some extensions and attachments. These come in the form of special tools. The extensions add length to the overall vacuum cleaner in order to enable its reach to difficult areas in the house and cars. The various brush rolls and versatile nozzles help to provide unique cleaning to various type of surfaces and materials that need to be dusted and vacuumed.

  1. Pricing

Cordless vacuum cleaners are affordable, which make them an easy buy. One need not think of investing too much money on a cordless vacuum, what is important is to buy one that is both affordable and has excellent features. Most cordless vacuum cleaners fall under a certain budget, with a difference in a couple of dollars. Only choose one which suits the needs of the particular house hold as well as that with required specifications.


The performance of a cordless vacuum cleaner entirely depends on the power of its battery pack, the longer the battery lasts, the more vacuuming it is able to achieve. However, in some cordless vacuum cleaners, only a fully charged battery is able to give maximum power, it is seen that when it starts to discharge, suctioning power is compromised too. Therefore, it is important to find and invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful, long lasting batteries. Along with a strong motor and convenient attachments, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a must have product.


Selecting The Right Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless vacuum cleaners have increasing popularity in the market, as the most convenient and affordable vacuum cleaners. Both home owners and those renting find it easy to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner and use it efficiently to clean almost all parts of the house. This is useful for those house holds where there is less closet space, it takes up little storage area compared to its larger upright counterparts. They come with many advantages, which attract those home owners with already existing traditional vacuuming units.

Selecting The Right Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

How To Choose?

  1. Types Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 

There are two types of cordless vacuum cleaners, one that is exclusively handheld. This type of vacuum cleaners are for those quick pick ups around the house, with toddlers or pets, where spills or messes are natural everyday. This enables the user to grab and go without any adjustments, the nozzle helps to quickly vacuum whatever is spilled and can be stored immediately after use.

The second type of cordless vacuum cleaner, comes in the form of a stick model. This model adds more functionality, as the stick can be lengthened to any height to reach high walls and ceilings, as well as shortened to make it a hand held device. The stick also helps to reach areas under or behind furniture that cannot be easily moved.

  1. Budget

Being completely aware of the amount of money one is ready to spend and invest in any electronic device helps to narrow down choices. It is not always possible to go over a certain budget, in order to pick up the best. There are cordless vacuum cleaners to suit all budget types, be it high end or cheaper ones. Though the cheaper models might not deliver functionality or lack features, there is no need to go for the most expensive either. Reaching a middle ground, choosing the right features that fit the budget at the same time, helps to choose the right cordless vacuum cleaner.

  1. Specifications

Each model of a cordless vacuum cleaner differs in its specifications, even models made by the same company. Manufacturers are always looking to improve their devices and add additional features. Buyers should look for the latest technology in a cordless vacuum cleaner along with long lasting batteries. It should be equipped with a powerful motor, but be light in weight at the same time. This allows for ease in use, but still work as good as a conventional vacuum cleaner.

  1. Features

Features in a vacuum cleaner include the kind of technology it is designed with. What kind of vacuuming it delivers entirely depends on the features available. How strong is the suctioning power, does it have the power to seamlessly vacuum without getting clogged, how much dust can the canister hold, all these are important questions. Once certain research is done, it is easy to compare and contrast between models to see which one offers the best value for money.

  1. Type Of usage

The kind of usage a vacuum cleaner is predominantly going to provide is what helps to choose an appropriate one for each home. The kind of flooring, whether carpeted or hard wood or tiled, are pointers to see what works best for individual usage. Not all homes are made the same, nor do users have the same type of cleaning needs. Some users might have pests, while some might suffer from allergies. Whichever is the priority, the cordless vacuum cleaner should be able to deliver that kind of function.

  1. Demo

Finally it is always important to go to the store and try out the vacuum cleaner. This helps to know how it holds on different types of surfaces, how much power it is able to deliver, also if its comfortable to use on a daily basis. If this is not possible, reviews and comments on most online selling websites give a clear picture by previous users, which act as a guideline to choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner.


With a significant increase in the life of a battery once charged, along with powerful motors, cordless vacuum cleaners have become highly functional. More and more features are being added with unique technologies that make cordless vacuum cleaners stay on par with other types of vacuums available. These cleaning devices are a must in order to make cleaning and dusting easier on oneself. There is little stress involved with a cordless device as there is an absence of long cords, dust bags and fussy storage. Due to their affordability, they do not break the bank either.


Features Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Light Weigh and affordable, cordless vacuum cleaners are some of the most useful devices a house hold needs to invest in. Even with the presence of a regular upright or canister vacuum cleaners, the service of a cordless vacuum cleaner is indispensable. The ease with which a cordless vacuum cleaner helps home owners to quickly pick up any messes or spells makes it a must have cleaning supply.

It is portable, allowing it to be carried around to places where a larger vacuum cleaner will not fit, not be comfortable to clean with. This is especially true, for small closets, attics, vehicles or tight spaces. Cordless vacuum cleaners are no less powerful compared to their corded counterparts, due to the latest technology batteries, they are being powered sufficiently to give high quality vacuuming.

Features Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Features Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features

  1. Cordless

Cordless vacuum cleaners are popular because of its cord free, tangle free experience. No cords means, there is no need for availability of a power outlet, nor the need to plug it in at all times. This increases not only its portability but also helps to make cleaning quicker. Being light weight, they can be carried anywhere for all types of cleaning. Powerful cordless vacuum cleaners deliver very good performance that is both reliable and hassle less.

  1. Rechargeable

All cordless vacuum cleaners runs on batteries which are rechargeable. This recharging usually happens through a charging station or by simply plugging it in into a power outlet. The vacuum cleaner models with a docking station are extremely convenient, as they aid both in charging as well as storing the device. Latest technological advancements have enabled batteries to hold power for longer periods of time without running out or losing their capacity to deliver strength to the device.

  1. Ease Of Use

The ease with which a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used makes it the most liked cleaning supply in any house hold. The cordless models are generally light in weight, have an ergonomically designed handle and can be taken to any part of the house or garage. These features make it a go to device for anyone who wants to quickly dust or pick up spills from around the house on a daily basis. This allows home owners to not always rely on their traditional vacuum cleaner for quick pick ups.

  1. Multi Surface Cleaning

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with many attachments that help them to suit all types of surface cleaning. The various brushes and nozzles allow for it to reach tight spaces, clean carpets and upholstery, even stair raisers and cars seats. The functionality is not lost with a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is able to deliver many services in such a small package.

  1. Affordable

Cordless vacuum cleaners are by far the most affordable type of vacuum cleaners available for purchase. There are a number of models, with varying features suitable for individual preference and use. Consumers are able to choose between models through their technology and innovation in design, features and attachments tools add to their appeal too. Because of their affordability, one can invest in both a heavy duty vacuum as well as a cordless one to make cleaning convenient.

  1. Battery Charging Time 

Most rechargeable battery operated cordless vacuum cleaners come with a docking or charging station. These are either equipped to sit on a surface or be hung on the wall. This station also serves as the storage area for the cordless vacuum cleaner. Users are able to stove it away and charge the device at the same time. How long the battery takes to charge is also an important point to consider. A battery that charges for hours but works only for minutes is not a good product. Easy charging batteries that last an entire cleaning session are the best bet.

  1. Bag Less Dust Canister

Cordless vacuum cleaners need to do away with fussy bags. With clear dust canisters, it is easy to see when it reaches the brim, which then can be cleaned out and used again. Bags and filters are unnecessary for such small devices, as they add bulk. At the same time, cordless vacuum cleaners need to come equipped with a good capacity dust canister, that can hold enough dust and debris without the need to be cleaned out too frequently.

  1. Suitable For Pet Owners

Cordless vacuum cleaners are especially useful for pet owners. Having pets results in quite a bit of mess on a daily basis, along with their shedding and litter. Cordless vacuum cleaners that are handy and easy to reach help to periodically clean up pet made mess and keep the house looking clean at all times.


  1. Cordless and portable, light in weight to carry into any space.
  2. Affordable compared to all other models of vacuum cleaners.
  3. Functional and powerful, there is very little compromise on its suctioning capacity
  4. Able to clean all types of surfaces with the help of varying brush rolls and nozzles.


  1. It is not a replacement to a traditional vacuum cleaner, it does not cover large areas.
  2. Battery will discharge at some point, not suitable for deep cleaning.


When cordless vacuum cleaners first hit the market, their batteries lasted about 20 minutes, this dint allow the vacuum to be used for very long without needing a recharge. However, new designs enable the batteries to run for over 2 hours without any dip in performance. Docking stations, for charging as well as storage make it very convenient to stove it away. It is stored and charged at the same time, always ready to use for the next session. They are practical and functional, something everyone should own to make cleaning a cake walk.